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[The $7 Shotgun] Video Play Video

The $7 Shotgun

It’s not fancy but it works.

7 months ago 45,173
[Idiot Fires Shotgun In Office] Video Play Video

Idiot Fires Shotgun In Office

Some curious idiot finds out the easy way whether a shotgun sitting on some chicks desk is loaded.

7 years ago 428,737
[Nutshot During Beer Shotgun] Video Play Video

Nutshot During Beer Shotgun

Not exactly good sportsmanship, but the video of this dude nailing his buddy in the nuts is still pretty funny.

7 years ago 206,697
[How to shotgun a beer from bottle] Video Play Video

How to shotgun a beer from bottle

how to shotgun a beer out of a bottle instead of a can. Something everyone needs to know. (BTW, a bend straw WILL work, but fire is cooler for a beer trick!

7 years ago 197,753
[Shotgun Recoil Nutshot] Video Play Video

Shotgun Recoil Nutshot

This is win/win. The adrenaline rush will stave off the Beijing Cocktail, and now it's unlikely he'll accidentally reproduce.

5 years ago 135,675
[Amazing Shotgun Reload Skills] Video Play Video

Amazing Shotgun Reload Skills

I can't see any tricks with his hands, so this might be 100% legit. Either way, it's awesome.

3 years ago 81,318
[Hobo With A Shotgun Teaser!] Video Play Video

Hobo With A Shotgun Teaser!

Check out the brand new teaser trailer for Hobo With A Shotgun, the movie based off the Grindhouse trailer of the same name, coming at us from director Jason Eisener. Be sure to watch for Rutger Hauer's shot towards the end and enjoy!

5 years ago 582
[Naughty Bear - Shotgun Trailer] Video Play Video

Naughty Bear - Shotgun Trailer

In trailer #2 for Naughty Bear, the eponymous bear starts his vengeful warpath and takes a shotgun to a fellow bear.

6 years ago 3,304
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