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[Very Painful Nut Shot] Video Play Video

Very Painful Nut Shot

I think we may be having our first look at a future darwin award candidate. Check out this clip of this kid letting the recoil from a 12 gauge shotgun nail him in the nuts.

7 years ago 1,046,316
[Nutshot During Beer Shotgun] Video Play Video

Nutshot During Beer Shotgun

Not exactly good sportsmanship, but the video of this dude nailing his buddy in the nuts is still pretty funny.

6 years ago 206,399
[Shotgun Recoil Nutshot] Video Play Video

Shotgun Recoil Nutshot

This is win/win. The adrenaline rush will stave off the Beijing Cocktail, and now it's unlikely he'll accidentally reproduce.

4 years ago 123,076
[Bag Explosion Under Nuts] Video Play Video

Bag Explosion Under Nuts

Heres what happens when an airbag is placed in a bucket and it is ignited while a guy sits on top. Check out the air he gets. Hopefully $400 will relieve his ball soreness a little!

7 years ago 1,583,707
[Idiot Fires Shotgun In Office] Video Play Video

Idiot Fires Shotgun In Office

Some curious idiot finds out the easy way whether a shotgun sitting on some chicks desk is loaded.

6 years ago 397,412
[How to shotgun a beer from bottle] Video Play Video

How to shotgun a beer from bottle

how to shotgun a beer out of a bottle instead of a can. Something everyone needs to know. (BTW, a bend straw WILL work, but fire is cooler for a beer trick!

6 years ago 197,524
[Kicked In The Nuts] Video Play Video

Kicked In The Nuts

This guy waits for his buddy to come home...guess what happens next (see title).

7 years ago 579,491
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