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[Shotgun Recoil Nutshot] Video Play Video

Shotgun Recoil Nutshot

This is win/win. The adrenaline rush will stave off the Beijing Cocktail, and now it's unlikely he'll accidentally reproduce.

3 years ago 121,538
[Field Goal Kicker Vs Guys With Shotguns] Video Play Video

Field Goal Kicker Vs Guys With Shotguns

The best offense is a good defense, and the best defense is a bunch of guys with shotguns. Can a field goal kicker get a ball past the shotguns and through the uprights?

3 years ago 384,635
[Bag Explosion Under Nuts] Video Play Video

Bag Explosion Under Nuts

Heres what happens when an airbag is placed in a bucket and it is ignited while a guy sits on top. Check out the air he gets. Hopefully $400 will relieve his ball soreness a little!

7 years ago 1,582,469
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