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[Nutshot During Beer Shotgun] Video Play Video

Nutshot During Beer Shotgun

Not exactly good sportsmanship, but the video of this dude nailing his buddy in the nuts is still pretty funny.

8 years ago 206,749
[How to shotgun a beer from bottle] Video Play Video

How to shotgun a beer from bottle

how to shotgun a beer out of a bottle instead of a can. Something everyone needs to know. (BTW, a bend straw WILL work, but fire is cooler for a beer trick!

8 years ago 197,822
[Not Taser Tough] Video Play Video

Not Taser Tough

This is a demonstration for taser guns. This is a ex-marine who I got to admit is one tough friggin dude. He goes head to head with a taser gun with the objective being to grab a pistol 5 feet away from him.

10 years ago 951,235
[The $7 Shotgun] Video Play Video

The $7 Shotgun

It’s not fancy but it works.

1 year ago 45,298
[Kid Tasered] Video Play Video

Kid Tasered

fat kid offered to be tasered for the chance to drive my friends new car unaware that we had been saving a pie in the refridgerator crisper just for him.

10 years ago 3,108
[Probably Would Have Opted For A Taser] Video Play Video

Probably Would Have Opted For A Taser

Well, the criminal in this video actually survives. However, I am sure he would of traded these bullets for a tazer gun any day.

10 years ago 1,078,423
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