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[Binary Domain: Debut Trailer] Video Play Video

Binary Domain: Debut Trailer

SEGA's Squad Based Shooter gives you a sneak peak. From the same mind of the Yakuza games!

6 years ago 97,199
[Official Iron Man 2: War Machine Trailer] Video Play Video

Official Iron Man 2: War Machine Trailer

Sega's explosive, new Iron Man game, available across all major platforms, gives us what we've been waiting for: War Machine.

7 years ago 5,682
[Bayonetta TGS 2009 Trailer] Video Play Video

Bayonetta TGS 2009 Trailer

TGS 2009 trailer for SEGA's Bayonetta, featuring a quick preview of the story, and lots of flashy combat gameplay.

7 years ago 1,384
[Vanquish Gameplay Trailer] Video Play Video

Vanquish Gameplay Trailer

This trailer for Vanquish dropped a week before E3 and it reveals what could be a huge title for Sega. Teaming up with Resident Evil director, Shinji Mikami, Sega looks to be making sci-fi battles over precious Earth resources appear fresh again!

6 years ago 4,381
[Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath PS3 Trailer] Video Play Video

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath PS3 Trailer

Anyone remember the epic original for Sega Genesis? Well here's the very cool follow up, though it looks like Abe is long gone and replaced by a very strange bounty hunter named...the Stranger.

5 years ago 2,781
[Alpha Protocol Espionage Trailer] Video Play Video

Alpha Protocol Espionage Trailer

Sega is finally pulling the wraps off Obsidian's new action RPG, Alpha Protocol, which rolls elements of RPG and action gaming up into what seems to be a pretty cool CIA story.

7 years ago 8,729
[The History of Gaming] Video Play Video

The History of Gaming

It's taken games a few decades to kick off -- imagine what they'll be like in a century.

6 years ago 10,593
[Alpha Protocol - Developing Your Skills Trailer] Video Play Video

Alpha Protocol - Developing Your Skills Trailer

This latest Alpha Protocol trailer looks at the skills you'll need to be an effective CIA operative. Yep, stealth, fighting and shooting-- You guesses it! They left out 'paperwork filing.'

6 years ago 1,290
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[SEGA in my car] Video Play Video

SEGA in my car

Hi :) i've build in a SEGA MegaDrive Gam...