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[Another Rally Car Loses Control] Video Play Video

Another Rally Car Loses Control

I've said it before and I'll say it again, why do they hold rally car races on such tiny village streets? There has to be a race track nearby.

8 years ago 1,689,764
[Crazy Chick At Rally] Video Play Video

Crazy Chick At Rally

The best part of this video is the dude to this chicks right. Her insane screaming doesnt even phase him. Almost as if this is just another day at a rally.

7 years ago 1,297,023
[Rally Stupid] Video Play Video

Rally Stupid

Rally car driver guns it over a hill and crashes into the crowd.

6 years ago 7,831
[Most Amazing Ping Pong Rally] Video Play Video

Most Amazing Ping Pong Rally

This has to be the most amazing ping pong rally in the history of the sport. I can't believe some of the shots the make, truly incredible. Forest Gump couldn't hang with these guys.

8 years ago 622,571
[Pedestrian Hit By Truck During Rally] Video Play Video

Pedestrian Hit By Truck During Rally

A bunch of transvestites are protesting for gay rights near a busy highway in Brazil and a truck doesn't notice one of them and accidentally slams him into the ground.

6 years ago 783,819
[Chick Almost Gets Run Over By Rally Car] Video Play Video

Chick Almost Gets Run Over By Rally Car

Watch this girl nearly get crushed by a speeding rally car as she walks in front of its path and then slips trying to get out of the way.

8 years ago 733,743
[New Rally Car Flip Record] Video Play Video

New Rally Car Flip Record

Just when you thought these guys couldnt suck at driving anymore some dude breaks the wipeout record with this crash. I counted 3.5 rotations in the air and another 1.5 on the ground. Nice work.

7 years ago 702,761
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