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[Repurpose Your Old CDs] Video Play Video

Repurpose Your Old CDs

What can you do with all your useless old CDs? A lot, actually. This week on For the Win, Mike Capes shows you how to repurpose CDs in style. For more great advice, check out

4 years ago 12,368
[CD Explodes At 3500 RPM] Video Play Video

CD Explodes At 3500 RPM

These guys attach a CD to the end of a dremel and spin it at 3500 RPM. The speed is so intense for the CD that it literally explodes into hundreds of pieces.

8 years ago 896,414
[Erasing A CD Using Electricity] Video Play Video

Erasing A CD Using Electricity

And that, friends, is how no one will ever know that you bought "Now That's What I Call Music, Vol. 38"

4 years ago 76,716
[How To Turn A CD Into A Condom] Video Play Video

How To Turn A CD Into A Condom

This was actually a One Direction CD and that’s just the souls trapped inside trying to escape.

3 years ago 96,238
[Crazy Lady Dancing At HMV CD Store] Video Play Video

Crazy Lady Dancing At HMV CD Store

"Dance like no one is watching." It's advice that is continuing to ruin womens' lives on a daily basis. Someone get her an Ipod and a closet, quick!

4 years ago 120,996
[Binary Domain: Debut Trailer] Video Play Video

Binary Domain: Debut Trailer

SEGA's Squad Based Shooter gives you a sneak peak. From the same mind of the Yakuza games!

5 years ago 97,189
[Official Iron Man 2: War Machine Trailer] Video Play Video

Official Iron Man 2: War Machine Trailer

Sega's explosive, new Iron Man game, available across all major platforms, gives us what we've been waiting for: War Machine.

6 years ago 5,667
[Bayonetta TGS 2009 Trailer] Video Play Video

Bayonetta TGS 2009 Trailer

TGS 2009 trailer for SEGA's Bayonetta, featuring a quick preview of the story, and lots of flashy combat gameplay.

6 years ago 1,376
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CD Copies

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