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[Don't Stand On This Track] Video Play Video

Don't Stand On This Track

This guy gets huge speed racing down a dry bobsled track in a roller sled and slams at a high speed into the back of some dude standing on the track.

6 years ago 148,614
[Racing Around] Video Play Video

Racing Around

Seb takes Daniel on an epic adventure racing his dream car.

7 days ago 01
[Dog gets killed on racetrack!] Video Play Video

Dog gets killed on racetrack!

Ayrton Senna´s nephew Bruno Senna hits and kills a dog under the Turkey´s GP2 Grand Prix.Watch it from around 2 minutes into the movie.

4 years ago 184
[Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Exhaust and Sound on Racetrack] Video Play Video

Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Exhaust and Sound on Racetrack

This GTI would put shame to any other vehicle in the hot-hatch galaxy—if it were actually to be built, of course. Volkswagen has jammed a 3.0-liter VR6 under the hood, force-fed by a pair of turbochargers to produce a whopping 503 horsepower. Up to 4...

2 years ago 20
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