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[Rolling Tires Down A Ski Jump] Video Play Video

Rolling Tires Down A Ski Jump

These guys take a bunch of different sized tires and roll them down a ski jump to see which tire flies the farthest.

7 years ago 1,085,667
[Rolling Truck Tire Destroys Car] Video Play Video

Rolling Truck Tire Destroys Car

Watch the top left hand corner of the screen closely as a huge tire flies out of an accident and into the trunk of a car.

6 years ago 5,192
[Race Car Loses Tire] Video Play Video

Race Car Loses Tire

During an F1 race a car loses its tire causing it to crash into a wall. The tire bounces out of the track and crushes a parked car.

8 years ago 340,446
[Freshman Vs Tractor Tire] Video Play Video

Freshman Vs Tractor Tire

A couple high school kids roll a 4 foot tractor tire down a hill into a 120 lb freshman. Good thing it was only a test.

6 years ago 347,162
[He is so tired] Video Play Video

He is so tired

Little boy tries hard to not surrender to sleep

1 year ago 781
[Grand Prix Cameraman Attacked By Runaway Tire] Video Play Video

Grand Prix Cameraman Attacked By Runaway Tire

It's hard to be surprised by this behavior considering how much time the tire has spent in the streets. I guess you could say it needed.... better roll models.

1 year ago 63,605
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