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[I-70 Accident] Video Play Video

I-70 Accident

A car pulls over in the middle of the freeway and another car comes up from behind to help. A truck can't stop in time slides into both of the cars

12 days ago 84
[Accident On I-71 In Ohio] Video Play Video

Accident On I-71 In Ohio

A car slams into a wall and then crashes into a semi truck on the other side of the car

12 days ago 36
[Dodge Ram Accident] Video Play Video

Dodge Ram Accident

A truck comes up to an intersection and the SUV doesn't stop and slams into the truck

12 days ago 206
[Car Accident Intersection] Video Play Video

Car Accident Intersection

A car passes through an intersection on a red light and crashes into a truck

12 days ago 41
[Accident In Astrakhan] Video Play Video

Accident In Astrakhan

A car crosses an intersection and slams into a SUV

1 month ago 374
[Incoming Accident] Video Play Video

Incoming Accident

A car crashes into an oncoming truck that doesn't stop

1 month ago 97
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[drag accident] Video Play Video

drag accident

Big accident with 2 dragster on Sanair R...