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[Surin Accident] Video Play Video

Surin Accident

A truck pulls out and doesn't see the oncoming car

1 day ago 42
[Accident On Road] Video Play Video

Accident On Road

A car accident happens right in front of the car

22 days ago 40
[Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever] Video Play Video

Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever

An inexperienced girl jumps on a rope swing at her family reunion and painfully misses the river entirely.

7 years ago 2,136,194
[Red Light Runner Accident] Video Play Video

Red Light Runner Accident

A car runs past the red light and crashes into an SUV that slams into the car next to it

8 days ago 59
[Play Fighting Leads to Expensive Accident] Video Play Video

Play Fighting Leads to Expensive Accident

After these two hyper kids' playing fighting goes too far, their parents should be kicking themselves for not insuring their new plasma TV.

7 years ago 2,489,936
[Yet Another Trampoline Accident] Video Play Video

Yet Another Trampoline Accident

Some French guy takes a bad bounce off a trampoline and is knocked out cold. That makes the score Trampolines: 459,234,201 Humans: 3

8 years ago 446,958
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[Accident] Video Play Video


hi guys please,drive slowly.

[Accident] Video Play Video


Miracle, God saves you, Accident,

[The Accident] Video Play Video

The Accident

A man riding his bike through lower Manh...