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[Huge Cannon Fires Pumpkins at 600 MPH] Video Play Video

Huge Cannon Fires Pumpkins at 600 MPH

A couple brothers created a huge cannon that can shoot pumpkins up to a mile away. Suck on that, Chinese artillery!

4 years ago 222,394
[A Red Panda Wrestles With A Pumpkin] Video Play Video

A Red Panda Wrestles With A Pumpkin

This is, beyond a doubt, the cutest thing you will see today. It's a red panda wrestling with a pumpkin in the snow. Now, enjoy.

2 years ago 75,003
[Bat Vs Face] Video Play Video

Bat Vs Face

This girl winds up, swings, and sends the bat flying into her friends face. A lot of women complain when we make jokes about them not being able to drive or play sports but sometimes they just make it so easy. Get back in the kitchen cup cake.

7 years ago 751,458
[Drunk Squirrel Tries to Climb Tree] Video Play Video

Drunk Squirrel Tries to Climb Tree

This squirrel ate fermented pumpkins and needed some coffee in the morning. This video is now in the original authors account and will not be removed.

7 years ago 12,118

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[Pumpkin head] Video Play Video

Pumpkin head

Dont let pumpkin head get your head

[Pumpkin Heart] Video Play Video

Pumpkin Heart

One afternoon along a pumpkin field just...