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[How Many Robots Will Be Abused While You Do Nothing?] Video Play Video

How Many Robots Will Be Abused While You Do Nothing?

That Sarah McLachlan song is kind of synonymous with abuse these days but was actually written about the keyboard player who used to tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, who died of a heroin overdose.

8 months ago 13,342
[How to Smash Watermelons] Video Play Video

How to Smash Watermelons

This woman gives us yet another reason to marvel at the wonder and mystery of woman's two greatest assets. Gallagher's got nothin' on her.

7 years ago 1,820,315
[Pumpkin Lovers!] Video Play Video

Pumpkin Lovers!

A love story, but with pumpkins.

3 years ago 26,406
[Pumpkin Blows Up In Kids Face] Video Play Video

Pumpkin Blows Up In Kids Face

'Tis the holiday fails season! These kids stick a quarter stick of dyanmite inside a pumpkin and can't tell that the fuse actually lit until it blows up in th...

6 years ago 224,690
[The Pumpkin Head KO] Video Play Video

The Pumpkin Head KO

Maybe they needed to carve it first.

1 year ago 50,346
[Using Fire To Carve Your Pumpkin] Video Play Video

Using Fire To Carve Your Pumpkin

Carving your pumpkin, execution-style in front of the neighborhood, will definitely keep the kids off your lawn.

4 years ago 107,247
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