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[The Great White Shart] Video Play Video

The Great White Shart

Everyone knows this shark is silent but deadly in the water. These guys just found out first-hand.

2 years ago 66,449
[Wet T-Shirt Prank] Video Play Video

Wet T-Shirt Prank

Girl get soaking wet. This dude nails his girlfriend with a bucket of water while she is outside planting flowers.

5 years ago 533,236
[How To Do The Shamrock Pour] Video Play Video

How To Do The Shamrock Pour

Who else agrees that a lot of the holidays we get off of work make no sense? We need days like March 18th and the Monday after the Super Bowl off work.

2 years ago 67,003
[How To Walk On Water] Video Play Video

How To Walk On Water

How embarrassing for everyone who sank.

1 year ago 177,163
[Painting On Water] Video Play Video

Painting On Water

This awesome guy is able to paint on water. But the moment you frame it, you're going to be very upset.

3 years ago 116,327
[Great White Shark Breach] Video Play Video

Great White Shark Breach

One of my favorite things to witness in the animal kingdom is when a great white shark completely breaches out of the water to kill its prey. Shark videos are so freaking cool. I wish that shark video week would come around more than once a year. Thi...

7 years ago 423,909
[Biker Rides on Water] Video Play Video

Biker Rides on Water

I was waiting for the big wipeout but this dude actually rides his bike on top of the water completely across a lake.

8 years ago 803,737
[Bird Dives Down Hot Girl's Shirt] Video Play Video

Bird Dives Down Hot Girl's Shirt

Ever try to bury yourself in an anonymous hot girls shirt? Well it looks like you have to be cute and cuddly animal to get away with that. Yeah, I know your eyes are up there, anonymous ...

4 years ago 146,670
[Common White House Performance] Video Play Video

Common White House Performance

Common white house performance on Newsfeed. The White House is facing criticism due to the invitation of rapper Common as one of its artists chosen to honor American poetry. Some of the grammy winner’s lyrics critical of the war in Iraq, president ...

3 years ago 6,899
[Shopping Cart on Water Skis] Video Play Video

Shopping Cart on Water Skis

Shopping cart stupidity isn't just for parking lots anymore. Did his buddies force him to wear that dress, or did he just put it on himself?

6 years ago 631,167
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