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[Wet T-Shirt Prank] Video Play Video

Wet T-Shirt Prank

Girl get soaking wet. This dude nails his girlfriend with a bucket of water while she is outside planting flowers.

7 years ago 534,398
[How To Do The Shamrock Pour] Video Play Video

How To Do The Shamrock Pour

Who else agrees that a lot of the holidays we get off of work make no sense? We need days like March 18th and the Monday after the Super Bowl off work.

3 years ago 67,193
[The Great White Shart] Video Play Video

The Great White Shart

Everyone knows this shark is silent but deadly in the water. These guys just found out first-hand.

4 years ago 67,087
[How To Walk On Water] Video Play Video

How To Walk On Water

How embarrassing for everyone who sank.

3 years ago 178,863
[Painting On Water] Video Play Video

Painting On Water

This awesome guy is able to paint on water. But the moment you frame it, you're going to be very upset.

4 years ago 116,637
[Great White Shark Breach] Video Play Video

Great White Shark Breach

One of my favorite things to witness in the animal kingdom is when a great white shark completely breaches out of the water to kill its prey. Shark videos are so freaking cool. I wish that shark video week would come around more than once a year. Thi...

9 years ago 425,644
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