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[How To Do The Shamrock Pour] Video Play Video

How To Do The Shamrock Pour

Who else agrees that a lot of the holidays we get off of work make no sense? We need days like March 18th and the Monday after the Super Bowl off work.

3 years ago 67,193
[Little Girl Smacks Sister On Webcam] Video Play Video

Little Girl Smacks Sister On Webcam

Two girls fight over camera time on the webcam when the younger girl smacks the older one in the back of the head. The same thing happens on the set of Desperate Housewives at least once a month.

5 years ago 316,331
[Sugar Trailer] Video Play Video

Sugar Trailer

Inspired by the movie 'Field of Dreams,' a young man from the Dominican Republic heads to Iowa to play minor league baseball.

7 years ago 6,253
[Comic Scare Prank On Webcam Chick] Video Play Video

Comic Scare Prank On Webcam Chick

This girl's reaction to a scary image on her computer, captured on live webcam, is an instant classic. Judging from the scream, you'd think someone had just shown her Justin Bieber's new haircut. You can find the comic ...

5 years ago 74,675
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