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['Final Destination 5' Class 'Saved By the Bell' in Viral Spoof!] Video Play Video

'Final Destination 5' Class 'Saved By the Bell' in Viral Spoof!

Miles Fisher, star of online shorts (including 'Pinkberry: The Movie'), scored the leading role in Warner Bros. and New Line's forthcoming Final Destination 5, arriving in theaters August 12. Even with his big screen debut just weeks away, Fisher is...

3 years ago 3,250
[Knocked Up] Video Play Video

Knocked Up

Spoof of the hilarious comedy Knocked Up

6 years ago 6,453
[Out of the Wild] Video Play Video

Out of the Wild

Spoof of the movie Into The Wild.

6 years ago 4,202
[Fans of Lost] Video Play Video

Fans of Lost

These are the guys from over at Nobodys Watching doing a spoof on the show Lost.

7 years ago 306,316
[A Country Girls Tribute] Video Play Video

A Country Girls Tribute

I nearly skipped over this video at first but then a couple lyrics caught my ear. It turned out to be a really funny video spoof that you got to listen too. By the end of the video youll think the chick is hot, lusty, and funny.

7 years ago 2,567,609
[Im Not A Child] Video Play Video

Im Not A Child

This is a very funny spoof of Britney Spears from Mad TV. I usually think these things are kinda dumb but this one is definetly worth checkin out.

8 years ago 905,979
[Dane Cooks] Video Play Video

Dane Cooks

This is a hilarous spoof of Dane Cook and Chris Rock doing a cooking show.

7 years ago 381,862
[I Am Pecor] Video Play Video

I Am Pecor

I am Alex Pecor, and I am the last man in New York. MTV Movie Awards Spoof

6 years ago 116,047
[The Onion Was Right] Video Play Video

The Onion Was Right

The Onion called it years ago when they made this 'Spoof' on Facebook being a CIA program.

1 year ago 25

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