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[Cute Girl Impersonates All 151 Original Pokemon] Video Play Video

Cute Girl Impersonates All 151 Original Pokemon

This is an incredibly nerdy video. However, this girl does a good job of impersonating each of the original Pokemon characters. Her expressions are also pretty hilarious.

3 years ago 63,898
[Lily Tomlin and Director Fight Spoof] Video Play Video

Lily Tomlin and Director Fight Spoof

About two weeks ago we posted an on the set fight between Lily Tomlin and director David O Russel. This is a hilarious spoof of that fight.

8 years ago 233,335
[Horror Friends TV Show Spoof] Video Play Video

Horror Friends TV Show Spoof

What if the TV show Friends starred classic horror villains like Freddy and Jason? This video answers that important question.

5 years ago 8,771
[MTV Movie Awards Spoof Videos] Video Play Video

MTV Movie Awards Spoof Videos

Don't let this happen to you, make sure you read the rules and upload your movie spoof then get your friends to vote for you!

7 years ago 19,165
['Pokemon' As A Dark & Gritty Live-Action Thriller] Video Play Video

'Pokemon' As A Dark & Gritty Live-Action Thriller

What would happen if someone made a dark, gritty live-action Pokémon film? It'd probably look a lot like 'Pokémon Apokélypse', a fake trailer so spot-on, some fans thought it was real. The last line is what makes it. Enjoy!

4 years ago 10,196

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[Pokémon  X2/Y2] Video Play Video

Pokémon X2/Y2

A preview of Pokémon X2/Y2. Sylveon v. ...