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[Hilary 1984 Spoof Video] Video Play Video

Hilary 1984 Spoof Video

This is the unauthorized ad campaign video for Barack Obama using the famous 1984 apple commercial. Barrak Obama claims they had nothing to do with the video and the creator of it is still a mystery.

9 years ago 458,035
[Chewbacca Girl Spoof] Video Play Video

Chewbacca Girl Spoof

A lady does a spoof of the Chewbacca Laugh video

5 months ago 1,356
[Monty Python Battlefield Spoof] Video Play Video

Monty Python Battlefield Spoof

This is pretty funny machinima spoof of the old Monty Python Sketch How Not To Be Seen recreated in Battlefield. I am not even a big Monty Python fan but I still thought this was pretty funny,

9 years ago 254,579
[Top Gun Spoof Goes Bad] Video Play Video

Top Gun Spoof Goes Bad

This kid attaches a camera to his RC plane to film a Top Gun spoof but he gets too close to a commercial airliner and ends up having charges pressed against him.

7 years ago 195,914
[PC Vs Mac Spoof] Video Play Video

PC Vs Mac Spoof

Great spoof of those Mac VS. PC commercials that have been airing lately.

10 years ago 148,365
[PC Vs Mac Spoof 2] Video Play Video

PC Vs Mac Spoof 2

Part two of the PC Vs Mac commercial spoofs. And speaking of computer issues due to your feedback, we have made the decision to support both Flash AND Windows Media Players from now on. This means that if you have Flash installed the videos will play...

10 years ago 144,836
[Old Spice Man Spoof] Video Play Video

Old Spice Man Spoof

Seems like wherever you look on the internet lately theOld Spice dude pops up. This is by far the best funniest spoof I have seen on him.

6 years ago 135,732

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[Pokemon Kids] Video Play Video

Pokemon Kids

what would my two 18 year old friends be...

[Pokemon IRL] Video Play Video

Pokemon IRL

just an old stupid pokemon movie me and ...

[Pokemon 2000] Video Play Video

Pokemon 2000

Olivermon takes over Pallet Town. Only A...