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[The Great Pokemon Freakout] Video Play Video

The Great Pokemon Freakout

Keep your eye on this kid as he learns he will not be getting a Pokemon, today.

4 years ago 142,812
[David Blaine Spoof] Video Play Video

David Blaine Spoof

This is pretty funny stuff. Some dude spoofs David Blaine and does a pretty decent job.

9 years ago 1,009,040
[Disturbia Spoof] Video Play Video

Disturbia Spoof

Disturbia Spoof

8 years ago 17,932
[One Picture Every Day Spoof] Video Play Video

One Picture Every Day Spoof

This guy has created a hilarious spoof of those videos where people take a picture of themself every day for a year then combine them into a flip book like montage.

9 years ago 919,466

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[Stan Spoof] Video Play Video

Stan Spoof

Spoof music and video stanta, based on e...