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[Hes Got Wood] Video Play Video

Hes Got Wood

Funny spoof infomercials done by the people at Jewelry Television. Who knew the Jewelry TV people had such a good sense of humor?

6 years ago 401,183
[Mastercard: Official Card Of The 2nd Depression] Video Play Video

Mastercard: Official Card Of The 2nd Depression

This is another spoof of the old Mastercard commercials. I thought it was an appropriate one to post as our country makes one of the largest financial decisions in history this week.

5 years ago 175,363
[Martin Scorceses Sesame Streets] Video Play Video

Martin Scorceses Sesame Streets

A spoof on Sesame Street with Robert DeNiro, Ray Liota, Joe Pesci and other Goodfella/Casino characters. I would probably watch a full 120 minute movie like this, freaking brilliant.

7 years ago 591,743
[This is Not A Scam] Video Play Video

This is Not A Scam

This is a great spoof on those old Don Lapre get rich quick infomercials. Yes, in fact I too bought this guys stuff. By the way, Efren Favela you still got my Don Lapre book from NIU.

8 years ago 290,299
[Bad Company 2 PSA Trailer] Video Play Video

Bad Company 2 PSA Trailer

This hilarious spoof of the Modern Warfare 2 PSA trailer features CC Sabathia, a pitcher from a popular baseball team located in the New York metropolitan area, warning that grenade spam isn't as effective in this game as it is in others. Battlefield...

4 years ago 1,987
[Vampires Suck Trailer] Video Play Video

Vampires Suck Trailer

Watch the Vampires Suck movie trailer vampires suck trailer. A spoof of vampire-themed movies, where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys. As she and her friends wrestle wi...

3 years ago 3,551
[Impossible Is The Opposite Of Possible] Video Play Video

Impossible Is The Opposite Of Possible

Michael Cera, the guy who played George Michael on Arrested Development does a hilarious spoof of Aleksey Vayner's video resume. Aleksey is the guy who created a video resume which claimed he was a professional athlete in three different sports, a co...

7 years ago 309,419

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