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[[Pokemon go] Snorlax Gotcha!  ?????????] Video Play Video

[Pokemon go] Snorlax Gotcha! ?????????

People were waiting for the traffic signal to turn green, no one had any action. Everyone suddenly surged to one direction when the red light switched off to green.

4 days ago
[In Defense Of Pokemon Go] Video Play Video

In Defense Of Pokemon Go

No one is too mature for Pokemom, just too stuck up.

1 month ago 15,738
[Kid Freaks Out Over Pokemon Card] Video Play Video

Kid Freaks Out Over Pokemon Card

Look out Nintendo 64 kid you've got some competition for most freakishly overexcited kid ever caught on tape. Apparently this kid is freaking out over a Pokemon card called Blastoise. I am proud to say I have no idea why that is significant.

9 years ago 1,301,069
[Minecraft Pokemon] Video Play Video

Minecraft Pokemon

That's right. Yet another mod has been created for Minecraft, and it's none other than Pokemon. For more info check out the guys youtube page

5 years ago 7,547
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