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[The Great Pokemon Freakout] Video Play Video

The Great Pokemon Freakout

Keep your eye on this kid as he learns he will not be getting a Pokemon, today.

2 years ago 141,837
[Cute Girl Impersonates All 151 Original Pokemon] Video Play Video

Cute Girl Impersonates All 151 Original Pokemon

This is an incredibly nerdy video. However, this girl does a good job of impersonating each of the original Pokemon characters. Her expressions are also pretty hilarious.

1 year ago 39,733
[Minecraft Pokemon] Video Play Video

Minecraft Pokemon

That's right. Yet another mod has been created for Minecraft, and it's none other than Pokemon. For more info check out the guys youtube page

2 years ago 5,299
[Pokemon Preacher] Video Play Video

Pokemon Preacher

Real of fake, this video of a preacher condemning 'pocket monsters' for teaching children 'how to enter into the world of witchcraft' is pretty entertaining.

4 years ago 3,759
[A Nintendo Domino Celebration] Video Play Video

A Nintendo Domino Celebration

We don't know what it is about dominoes, but watching them fall is mesmerizing. This is also pretty awesome since all the set-ups are Nintendo themed.

1 year ago 18,946
[Kid Freaks Out Over Pokemon Card] Video Play Video

Kid Freaks Out Over Pokemon Card

Look out Nintendo 64 kid you've got some competition for most freakishly overexcited kid ever caught on tape. Apparently this kid is freaking out over a Pokemon card called Blastoise. I am proud to say I have no idea why that is significant.

7 years ago 1,291,222
['Pokemon' As A Dark & Gritty Live-Action Thriller] Video Play Video

'Pokemon' As A Dark & Gritty Live-Action Thriller

What would happen if someone made a dark, gritty live-action Pokémon film? It'd probably look a lot like 'Pokémon Apokélypse', a fake trailer so spot-on, some fans thought it was real. The last line is what makes it. Enjoy!

3 years ago 10,073
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