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[Titanfall Official Gameplay Demo] Video Play Video

Titanfall Official Gameplay Demo

The Titanfall experience combines heart-pounding multiplayer action with heroic moments from traditional campaign mode. Available Spring 2014.

2 years ago 9,645
[Rage: The Well Official Gameplay] Video Play Video

Rage: The Well Official Gameplay

More gameplay footage from RAGE looks pretty sick. Great graphics, great characters, and a genuinely awesome environment

4 years ago 4,501
[Hard Reset Official Trailer] Video Play Video

Hard Reset Official Trailer

We've seen the badass teaser, but now here's the official trailer that includes plenty of badass gameplay.

4 years ago 2,407
[Crysis 2 - Official EA Showcase Trailer] Video Play Video

Crysis 2 - Official EA Showcase Trailer

Crysis 2 is coming, folks. This is a long interview from the London EA showcase about the game mixed with gameplay footage of the sci-fi shooter you've been waiting three years to play.

5 years ago 1,831
[Borderlands Split Screen Gameplay] Video Play Video

Borderlands Split Screen Gameplay

Gameplay video for the upcoming action-RPG Borderlands, featuring an intense and bloody co-op shootout.

6 years ago 104,880
[Rage The Vault Gameplay] Video Play Video

Rage The Vault Gameplay

5 minutes of some more epic gameplay for 'Rage'. Can't tell you how excited I am for this.

4 years ago 72,285
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