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[Titanfall Official Gameplay Demo] Video Play Video

Titanfall Official Gameplay Demo

The Titanfall experience combines heart-pounding multiplayer action with heroic moments from traditional campaign mode. Available Spring 2014.

10 months ago 8,315
[Rage: The Well Official Gameplay] Video Play Video

Rage: The Well Official Gameplay

More gameplay footage from RAGE looks pretty sick. Great graphics, great characters, and a genuinely awesome environment

3 years ago 4,449
[Hard Reset Official Trailer] Video Play Video

Hard Reset Official Trailer

We've seen the badass teaser, but now here's the official trailer that includes plenty of badass gameplay.

2 years ago 2,218
[Crysis 2 - Official EA Showcase Trailer] Video Play Video

Crysis 2 - Official EA Showcase Trailer

Crysis 2 is coming, folks. This is a long interview from the London EA showcase about the game mixed with gameplay footage of the sci-fi shooter you've been waiting three years to play.

4 years ago 1,798
[Rage The Vault Gameplay] Video Play Video

Rage The Vault Gameplay

5 minutes of some more epic gameplay for 'Rage'. Can't tell you how excited I am for this.

2 years ago 72,108
[Borderlands Split Screen Gameplay] Video Play Video

Borderlands Split Screen Gameplay

Gameplay video for the upcoming action-RPG Borderlands, featuring an intense and bloody co-op shootout.

4 years ago 104,370
[Battlefield 3: Karkand Gameplay] Video Play Video

Battlefield 3: Karkand Gameplay

In my opinion, Karkand is one of the best maps in Battlefield. But in case you don't agree, here's some gameplay to give you an idea just how badass it is.

2 years ago 1,589
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