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[Office Space Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Office Space Rube Goldberg

I have a feeling business is pretty slow if the employees are creating such elaborate contraptions. I love the ending, very creative.

10 years ago 515,650
[Elaborate Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Elaborate Rube Goldberg

I love these things because you know it took them days to set up and it all comes down in just a few minutes. Better make sure your camera has enough battery!

10 years ago 892,342
[Restless Leg Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Restless Leg Rube Goldberg

To raise awareness for Restless Leg Syndrome these British guys got paid to set up probably the best Rube Goldberg Contraption that I've ever seen. I love the part with the bath tub and the swimming doll. Very creative and very well done.

10 years ago 554,327
[Pool Table Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Pool Table Rube Goldberg

Cool Rube Goldberg apparatus set up on a pool table. I dont think Ill ever get sick of these things. Im still working on one that will make dinner and clean my bathroom.

10 years ago 548,267
[Nintendo Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Nintendo Rube Goldberg

For a school animation project this guy made a Rube Goldberg contraption using only Nintendo games. Pretty sweet and a very creative idea, hope he got an A.

9 years ago 504,437
[Really Long Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Really Long Rube Goldberg

We get a lot of videos sent in of Rube Goldberg machines and most of them are just ok. This one however is pretty great. I've never seen one that incorporates the inside and outside parts of a house.

10 years ago 128,646
[Pool Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Pool Rube Goldberg

Pretty cool rube goldberg machine using a pool table. In college we wanted to make one of these that would poor beer into a cup by dropping a ping pong ball on an elaborate ramp. But then we got lazy and poured it ourselves.

10 years ago 70,972
[Largest Rube Goldberg Machine Ever] Video Play Video

Largest Rube Goldberg Machine Ever

The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers just created the biggest, and coolest, Rube Goldberg machine ever. Everything moves in this one, even the machine itself.

4 years ago 39,456
[Rube Goldberg Card Trick] Video Play Video

Rube Goldberg Card Trick

Eric Starkey, a magician from Pittsburgh, uses an impressive Rube Goldberg machine to pick out his wife's signed card from a deck.

4 years ago 33,698
[Pool Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Pool Rube Goldberg

Again, just when you think you''ve finally found some peace and quiet your friends have to storm in and ruin everything. At least this prank didnt involve anything exploding at your feet.

10 years ago 43,625
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