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[Office Space Recut] Video Play Video

Office Space Recut

Someone has recut "Office Space" into a slasher/thriller trailer. Seems like someone took one too many staplers from Milton...

10 years ago 589,218
[Office Space Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Office Space Rube Goldberg

I have a feeling business is pretty slow if the employees are creating such elaborate contraptions. I love the ending, very creative.

10 years ago 515,642
[Fed Ex In Space] Video Play Video

Fed Ex In Space

Welcome to the first moon office!

9 years ago 87,785
[Links Away: ‘Office Space’ The Musical] Video Play Video

Links Away: ‘Office Space’ The Musical

This Break Original asks the question, "What if Milton from Office Space sang a catchy diddy about his troubles with Lumberg and his red Swingline stapler?" Don't be surprised if it's playing Off-Broadway in a few months. The married squirrels part i...

6 years ago
[Who Gets This Tax Cut?] Video Play Video

Who Gets This Tax Cut?

I like to think of myself as a pretty decent guy but on the same hand I do want to qualify for this tax cut.

7 years ago 111,576
[Human Space Invaders Recreation] Video Play Video

Human Space Invaders Recreation

I dont know if these are the same people from the Pong video but this is just as cool. A group of people recreate the classic game Space Invaders using stop motion and people.

10 years ago 409,555
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