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[Office Space Recut] Video Play Video

Office Space Recut

Someone has recut "Office Space" into a slasher/thriller trailer. Seems like someone took one too many staplers from Milton...

7 years ago 583,359
[Veteran Cuts Down Mexican Flag] Video Play Video

Veteran Cuts Down Mexican Flag

A Veteran from Reno took matters into his own hands and cut down a Mexican flag that was illegally flying over the American flag. Good for him!

6 years ago 637,158
[Human Space Invaders Recreation] Video Play Video

Human Space Invaders Recreation

I dont know if these are the same people from the Pong video but this is just as cool. A group of people recreate the classic game Space Invaders using stop motion and people.

7 years ago 408,184
[Branch Cutting Accident] Video Play Video

Branch Cutting Accident

These guys who call themselves The Swedicks came up with the brilliant idea to saw off a branch of a tree while sitting on said branch. The results are pretty much as expected.

7 years ago 1,261,035
[Space Shuttle Discovery's Last Flight] Video Play Video

Space Shuttle Discovery's Last Flight

The retired shuttle took it's last flight from Florida to Dulles Airport. This is some amazing footage of it flying around Washington DC.

2 years ago 28,188
[Kid Launches Lego Shuttle Into Space] Video Play Video

Kid Launches Lego Shuttle Into Space

Using a helium balloon this dude launches a space shuttle that reaches a max altitude of 21.78 miles. For those keeping score at home that is roughly 22 miles higher than any shuttle NASA can launch.

2 years ago 84,461
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Cut to requests words. H...