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[Stripper Falls Off the Stage] Video Play Video

Stripper Falls Off the Stage

Two different vantage points of a talented blonde stripper hottie at this year's recent AVN Awards. She gets lots of points for difficulty, but needs to work on her dismount.

5 years ago 2,868,392
[Little Girl Falls Off Stage] Video Play Video

Little Girl Falls Off Stage

Something tells me this oblivious little girl is not valedictorian of her preschool.

6 years ago 410,173
[Stupid Thief Falls Off Counter] Video Play Video

Stupid Thief Falls Off Counter

These morons were arrested shortly after this genius heist. Might have got away with it if they accounted for the Slim Jim's.

5 years ago 478,085
[Bike Prank & Fall] Video Play Video

Bike Prank & Fall

[NEW VERSION COMING SOON] As a prank, we unscrewed his wheel before we started filming, but without our knowledge, he ends up face planting, and breaking his shoulder- but still smiles about it. Talk about good sports.

6 years ago 3,401
[Hot Asian Chick Falls Off a Stripper Pole] Video Play Video

Hot Asian Chick Falls Off a Stripper Pole

After a flawless routine, this beautiful lady takes a spill when the pole dislodges from the ceiling. It's so frustrating for girls when the pole doesn't stay up.

5 years ago 7,471,526
[Skier Follows Path Right Off the Mountain Cliff] Video Play Video

Skier Follows Path Right Off the Mountain Cliff

Just because there is a path doesn't mean it's safe. Just ask this skier from Colorado. Thankfully, he survived with only a shoulder injury.

23 days ago 211,804
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