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[Skier Follows Path Right Off the Mountain Cliff] Video Play Video

Skier Follows Path Right Off the Mountain Cliff

Just because there is a path doesn't mean it's safe. Just ask this skier from Colorado. Thankfully, he survived with only a shoulder injury.

23 days ago 211,804
[The North Face: The Mountains are Calling] Video Play Video

The North Face: The Mountains are Calling

Humans have always been driven by curiosity and fed by an innate need to explore. There is an allure in the pursuit of the unknown. Never stop exploring.

5 months ago 382,585
[Building In India Falls Over] Video Play Video

Building In India Falls Over

This guy notices that a building in Surat, India appears to start leaning. The building eventually collapses onto the busy street below.

6 years ago 959,433
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