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[Dancing Lingerie Babe Falls Hard] Video Play Video

Dancing Lingerie Babe Falls Hard

Finally, a video of a hot chick going down face first onto her girlfriend's rug that's safe for work.

4 years ago 6,764,779
[Falling Down Full-Court Swish] Video Play Video

Falling Down Full-Court Swish

A high school kid chases after a rebound, manages to grab the ball, and tosses it all the way down court for a perfect swish.

5 years ago 364,229
[Beware Falling Flower Pots] Video Play Video

Beware Falling Flower Pots

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and that gigantic bruise on your head will also soon be blue.

5 years ago 226,679
[Skier Follows Path Right Off the Mountain Cliff] Video Play Video

Skier Follows Path Right Off the Mountain Cliff

Just because there is a path doesn't mean it's safe. Just ask this skier from Colorado. Thankfully, he survived with only a shoulder injury.

16 days ago 211,271
[Flying Down A Mountain] Video Play Video

Flying Down A Mountain

I am not sure where this was filmed but this looks friggin awesome. Somebody post if they know the location of this place.

7 years ago 632,544
[Mountain Biker Slams Tree] Video Play Video

Mountain Biker Slams Tree

This mountain biker loses control coming down the side of a hill and slams into a tree at full speed.

5 years ago 206,802
[Dude Races Avalanche Down Mountain] Video Play Video

Dude Races Avalanche Down Mountain

Steinar Nes causes an Avalanche at the top of a Norweigan mountain but finds a way to stay on his feet and race in front of it to safety.

4 years ago 159,207
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