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[Monster Crab Exits Shell] Video Play Video

Monster Crab Exits Shell

Crazy looking time-lapse video of a monster sized crab molting out of its shell. This probably happens millions of times a day it just looks so friggin' weird.

4 years ago 547,227
[No Crab For You] Video Play Video

No Crab For You

This dude attempts to boil a crab for dinner but the little fella has other plans and makes his getaway after hitting the water.

5 years ago 172,541
[Octopus Vs Crab] Video Play Video

Octopus Vs Crab

Sorry crab, you’re out armed.

1 month ago 104,243
[Budweiser Crabs] Video Play Video

Budweiser Crabs

So thats where my cooler went. I just thought she was a raging alcoholic.

8 years ago 194,521
[Crab Attacks Man's Nose] Video Play Video

Crab Attacks Man's Nose

No one is surprised. Everyone who knows this guy knows he's always had a problem with crabs.

3 years ago 109,614
[Crab Machine In Japan] Video Play Video

Crab Machine In Japan

This is the easiest way to get crabs without having to pay by the hour.

5 years ago 68,022
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