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[Monster Crab Exits Shell] Video Play Video

Monster Crab Exits Shell

Crazy looking time-lapse video of a monster sized crab molting out of its shell. This probably happens millions of times a day it just looks so friggin' weird.

3 years ago 538,776
[Endless Russian Army Truck Exit] Video Play Video

Endless Russian Army Truck Exit

The Russians are coming! . . Forever apparently. We're not sure how many Russian soldiers it takes to fill up a troop transport truck, but evidently, as you'll see in this video, it takes quite a few.

1 year ago 44,853
[Russian Emergency Exit] Video Play Video

Russian Emergency Exit

Looks like someone should maybe install a screen in those windows.

11 months ago 1,063
[Crab Machine In Japan] Video Play Video

Crab Machine In Japan

This is the easiest way to get crabs without having to pay by the hour.

4 years ago 63,401
[Kids' Scariest Movie Monsters] Video Play Video

Kids' Scariest Movie Monsters

The cuddly "Monster's University" comes out this weekend, so we showed kids clips of real scary monsters to see which one makes the best nightmare fuel.

6 hours ago 87
[Dude Exits Car Crash Like A Boss] Video Play Video

Dude Exits Car Crash Like A Boss

Real life; no stunt doubles. It's like it's just another day for this guy whose car gets spun 360, ejecting him onto the streets.

1 year ago 192,669
[Monster Jam Hamilton] Video Play Video

Monster Jam Hamilton

Maple Leaf Monster Jam Tour - Hamilton, Ontario

1 month ago 3,147
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