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[Monster Crab Exits Shell] Video Play Video

Monster Crab Exits Shell

Crazy looking time-lapse video of a monster sized crab molting out of its shell. This probably happens millions of times a day it just looks so friggin' weird.

6 years ago 549,571
[No Crab For You] Video Play Video

No Crab For You

This dude attempts to boil a crab for dinner but the little fella has other plans and makes his getaway after hitting the water.

6 years ago 173,371
[Budweiser Crabs] Video Play Video

Budweiser Crabs

So thats where my cooler went. I just thought she was a raging alcoholic.

10 years ago 194,547
[Octopus Vs Crab] Video Play Video

Octopus Vs Crab

Sorry crab, you’re out armed.

1 year ago 105,394
[Car Plows Through Freeway Exit] Video Play Video

Car Plows Through Freeway Exit

A car goes straight through a freeway exit and crashes into the driver side of a car waiting at the light

27 days ago 129
[Emergency Exit on Russian Bus] Video Play Video

Emergency Exit on Russian Bus

In case you're unfamiliar with Russia, the dude who sounds like a vuvuzela lets you know your stop is approaching, and you fall out the rear window so people can board at the front.

6 years ago 155,579
[Woman Almost Completely Misses Exit] Video Play Video

Woman Almost Completely Misses Exit

After watching two cars properly exit the premises, this woman decides to take a more creative approach and smash her way through. I think she has just enough of her car remaining to take a second run at it.

5 years ago 142,048
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[the crab] Video Play Video

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