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[Miss Universe] Video Play Video

Miss Universe

I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. Let’s just say in about 6 years I’m the most famous guy in the world -- totally hypothetical-- and I’m looking to date someone. Then I’d have a chance to be naked with Miss Universe. Until then I’ll just be another cr...

4 years ago 4,355
[Miss USA Falls On Her Butt] Video Play Video

Miss USA Falls On Her Butt

Becoming a beauty queen is a life long endeavor. Years of brutal competitions from a very young age, beating out thousands of gorgeous women to become Miss USA all leading up to the penultimate competition: Miss Universe. The culmination of a lifetim...

8 years ago 69,988
[Missing] Video Play Video


You feel that guy’s pain.

9 months ago 69,956
[What Will We Miss?] Video Play Video

What Will We Miss?

Really sucks to learn we are going to miss that Beetlejuice star blowing up.

2 years ago 16,275
[Miss Nevada Lost What] Video Play Video

Miss Nevada Lost What

Fox News Anchor has a freudian slip. He reports that Donald Trump may take away Miss Nevadas title but for some reason cant read the word title correctly.

8 years ago 2,830,098
[Women Cant Parallel Park] Video Play Video

Women Cant Parallel Park

After posting the video of the woman trying to pull out of a parking spot we received this little gem of a woman trying to get into one. She attempts to parallel park for like four minutes, what a moron!

8 years ago 2,134,749
[Driving With Women] Video Play Video

Driving With Women

Oh god, the restaurant ones…every time!

1 month ago 45,057
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[Missing You] Video Play Video

Missing You

Another funny clip!! Enjoy!! Icerik giri...