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[Biker Misses Jump And Lands Face First] Video Play Video

Biker Misses Jump And Lands Face First

This kid rides on top of a wall and tries to jump over a bike rack. He doesnt have enough speed and his back tire gets stuck in the rack slinging him into the ground face first.

7 years ago 652,029
[What Will We Miss?] Video Play Video

What Will We Miss?

Really sucks to learn we are going to miss that Beetlejuice star blowing up.

8 months ago 6,626
[Near Miss In Afghanistan] Video Play Video

Near Miss In Afghanistan

A soldier tailgates his officer on an Afghanistan highway and almost bought it as he just misses oncoming traffic.

5 years ago 242,795
[Kid Misses Dunk Slams Head Instead] Video Play Video

Kid Misses Dunk Slams Head Instead

This kid uses his car to jump off of for a dunk but he slips on the rim and takes the basket down with him.

5 years ago 223,542
[Dad Beats Up Kid At School] Video Play Video

Dad Beats Up Kid At School

This guy was told his kid continues to skip Math class so he comes to the school and ends up kicking the kids butt in the schools office. The funny part is it turns out to be a clerical error and the kid never missed any class.

6 years ago 649,554
[Demolition Near Miss] Video Play Video

Demolition Near Miss

That guy’s extremely lucky to have that safety line.

1 year ago 84,962
[Missing Kitty] Video Play Video

Missing Kitty

Season 1: Ep 18 - Michael finally stands up to George, Sr., and fires his old secretary, and Gob performs the ultimate magic trick when he makes the family yacht disappear.

5 years ago 2,148
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[Missing You] Video Play Video

Missing You

Another funny clip!! Enjoy!! Icerik giri...