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[Missing] Video Play Video


You feel that guy’s pain.

1 year ago 70,025
[What Will We Miss?] Video Play Video

What Will We Miss?

Really sucks to learn we are going to miss that Beetlejuice star blowing up.

3 years ago 16,287
[Miss Nevada Lost What] Video Play Video

Miss Nevada Lost What

Fox News Anchor has a freudian slip. He reports that Donald Trump may take away Miss Nevadas title but for some reason cant read the word title correctly.

9 years ago 2,858,951
[Sparkler Bomb Near Miss] Video Play Video

Sparkler Bomb Near Miss

A group of teens throw a sparkler bomb but it ignites and flies back towards them

11 days ago 677
[Another Missed Opportunity] Video Play Video

Another Missed Opportunity

Last weekend I was taping my brother in law push his kid on our swingset. Fifteen seconds before he pushed her too hard causing her to do a back flip and land on her stomach my battery ran out. Anyway, this clip reminded me of what could of been a ...

10 years ago 318,064
[Near Miss In Afghanistan] Video Play Video

Near Miss In Afghanistan

A soldier tailgates his officer on an Afghanistan highway and almost bought it as he just misses oncoming traffic.

7 years ago 280,556
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[Missing You] Video Play Video

Missing You

Another funny clip!! Enjoy!! Icerik giri...

[missing you] Video Play Video

missing you

a song inspired by a fifth of vodka and ...