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[Missing] Video Play Video


You feel that guy’s pain.

3 days ago
[What Will We Miss?] Video Play Video

What Will We Miss?

Really sucks to learn we are going to miss that Beetlejuice star blowing up.

1 year ago 16,134
[Miss Nevada Lost What] Video Play Video

Miss Nevada Lost What

Fox News Anchor has a freudian slip. He reports that Donald Trump may take away Miss Nevadas title but for some reason cant read the word title correctly.

8 years ago 2,807,849
[7 Dirty Movie References You Missed As A Kid] Video Play Video

7 Dirty Movie References You Missed As A Kid

When you were a kid, your favorite movies were the ones with the best songs and the prettiest pictures, but when you’re an adult…well, it’s still about the songs and the pretty pictures, but it’s also about the story and catching all the references a...

16 hours ago
[Another Missed Opportunity] Video Play Video

Another Missed Opportunity

Last weekend I was taping my brother in law push his kid on our swingset. Fifteen seconds before he pushed her too hard causing her to do a back flip and land on her stomach my battery ran out. Anyway, this clip reminded me of what could of been a ...

8 years ago 318,015
[Near Miss In Afghanistan] Video Play Video

Near Miss In Afghanistan

A soldier tailgates his officer on an Afghanistan highway and almost bought it as he just misses oncoming traffic.

5 years ago 270,925
[Demolition Near Miss] Video Play Video

Demolition Near Miss

That guy’s extremely lucky to have that safety line.

1 year ago 105,024
[Derp!  Missed It By That Much] Video Play Video

Derp! Missed It By That Much

If there were a medal awarded in 'Synchronized Faceplanting' these guys would be Olympic champions.

2 years ago 55,974
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[Missing You] Video Play Video

Missing You

Another funny clip!! Enjoy!! Icerik giri...

[missing you] Video Play Video

missing you

a song inspired by a fifth of vodka and ...