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[What Will We Miss?] Video Play Video

What Will We Miss?

Really sucks to learn we are going to miss that Beetlejuice star blowing up.

8 months ago 6,626
[Near Miss In Afghanistan] Video Play Video

Near Miss In Afghanistan

A soldier tailgates his officer on an Afghanistan highway and almost bought it as he just misses oncoming traffic.

5 years ago 242,791
[Demolition Near Miss] Video Play Video

Demolition Near Miss

That guy’s extremely lucky to have that safety line.

1 year ago 84,962
[Missing Kitty] Video Play Video

Missing Kitty

Season 1: Ep 18 - Michael finally stands up to George, Sr., and fires his old secretary, and Gob performs the ultimate magic trick when he makes the family yacht disappear.

5 years ago 2,148
[You Won't Miss Me -- Trailer] Video Play Video

You Won't Miss Me -- Trailer

Watch the You Wont Miss Me trailer. A kaleidoscopic film portrait of Shelly Brown, a twenty-three year-old alienated urban misfit recently released from a psychiatric hospital.

3 years ago 6,107
[Miss Universe] Video Play Video

Miss Universe

I’m Josh Macuga with newsfeed. Let’s just say in about 6 years I’m the most famous guy in the world -- totally hypothetical-- and I’m looking to date someone. Then I’d have a chance to be naked with Miss Universe. Until then I’ll just be another cr...

2 years ago 3,842
[Derp!  Missed It By That Much] Video Play Video

Derp! Missed It By That Much

If there were a medal awarded in 'Synchronized Faceplanting' these guys would be Olympic champions.

1 year ago 54,323
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[Missing You] Video Play Video

Missing You

Another funny clip!! Enjoy!! Icerik giri...

[missing you] Video Play Video

missing you

a song inspired by a fifth of vodka and ...

[Missing You!] Video Play Video

Missing You!

Missing You!... Tanya is home alone... r...