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[Grape Plasma Microwave Fireball] Video Play Video

Grape Plasma Microwave Fireball

This guy shows how you can use a standard green grape to make fireballs in a microwave. Very cool, definitely worth trying with an old microwave you dont want anymore.

9 years ago 808,068
[Microwave Experiments] Video Play Video

Microwave Experiments

These guys set out to take their microwave to the edge and see what it takes to kill it. Probably shouldnt try this at home, unless you want to eat cold bagel bites.

9 years ago 462,252
[Microwave Experiments] Video Play Video

Microwave Experiments

A shortened video of our microwave experiments. We took a microwave and try to see how far we can push it be for it explodes or dies. (For a list of all the stuff we stuck in there, look in my post below)

9 years ago 2,380
[Microwave Box Of Wine] Video Play Video

Microwave Box Of Wine

We have all seen what a little metal in a microwave will do. These guys put a large box of wine in their microwave and blow a hole in the wall of their kitchen.

6 years ago 783,121
[Firework Explodes Microwave] Video Play Video

Firework Explodes Microwave

A guy puts a mortar into a microwave and lights it. It explodes the microwave into a million pieces

22 days ago 38
[Grape Catching Like A Boss] Video Play Video

Grape Catching Like A Boss

This is what happens when you try to hit the boss with a grape.

4 years ago 79,176
[Popcorn In A Microwave Gone Wrong] Video Play Video

Popcorn In A Microwave Gone Wrong

A popcorn is microwaved longer than expected on purpose and the bag goes up in flames

2 months ago 1,186
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