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[Microwave Experiments] Video Play Video

Microwave Experiments

These guys set out to take their microwave to the edge and see what it takes to kill it. Probably shouldnt try this at home, unless you want to eat cold bagel bites.

7 years ago 459,690
[Microwave Box Of Wine] Video Play Video

Microwave Box Of Wine

We have all seen what a little metal in a microwave will do. These guys put a large box of wine in their microwave and blow a hole in the wall of their kitchen.

4 years ago 768,328
[When Fireworks Go Wrong] Video Play Video

When Fireworks Go Wrong

One more day until the Fourth of July! As much fun as blowing off fireworks will be tomorrow remember they don't always work as intended and this video is full of reasons to be safe.

1 year ago 87,827
[Sitting on a Bucket of Fireworks] Video Play Video

Sitting on a Bucket of Fireworks

Not only does he sit down on top of a thousand firecrackers and many bottle rockets, he does it with his pants down. Very courageous...and very stupid.

5 years ago 330,471
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