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[Fight Club For Knights] Video Play Video

Fight Club For Knights

If you ever felt like dressing up as a knight and fighting other men dressed as knights, now you can in Poland!

6 months ago 63,537
[Honest Trailers- The Dark Knight] Video Play Video

Honest Trailers- The Dark Knight

From Christopher Nolan, the director who makes Joel Schumacher look like a huge turd sandwich, comes the gritty continuation of Batman and his awful, awful voice - The Dark Knight!

1 year ago 44,687
[The Dark Knight Rises New Trailer] Video Play Video

The Dark Knight Rises New Trailer

Watch the Dark Knight Rises trailer. Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resurface after taking the fal...

2 years ago 74,650
[The Sausage Knight Rises Trailer] Video Play Video

The Sausage Knight Rises Trailer

Here is Sausage Party's version of the first theatrical trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises". However, there's only one slight difference between their trailer and the official trailer. That small difference, of course, being the fact that every chara...

1 year ago 35,803
[Michelle Rodriguez Goes Turbo (Speakeasy)] Video Play Video

Michelle Rodriguez Goes Turbo (Speakeasy)

Michelle Rodriguez talks growing up in a multicultural environment, her first animated film Turbo, and training for Girlfight. Can't get enough of Paul F. Tompkins and Speakeasy? Check out these other episodes-

9 months ago 239
[Michelle Bachman Campaign] Video Play Video

Michelle Bachman Campaign

Michelle Bachman, the Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota is going after Sarah Palin in hopes of winning the Republican’s nomination for President. Bachmann hired high profile strategist Ed Rollins and they’ve started a good old-fashion mud slin...

2 years ago 2,623
[Is Michelle Jenneke The Sexiest Hurdler Ever?] Video Play Video

Is Michelle Jenneke The Sexiest Hurdler Ever?

It's not possible to watch this video and not be a fan of Michelle Jenneke. Your daughter could be racing against her in the Olympics and you'd still deep down be rooting for Michelle to win. ...

1 year ago 824,924
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