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Coors Light

6 years ago 425
[Knight Prank] Video Play Video

Knight Prank

Tourists freak out when a Knight on display comes to life! Half of the fun is listening to the commentators weird laugh.

7 years ago 43,808
[Knight Fail] Video Play Video

Knight Fail


5 years ago 1,332
[What's Up With The Dark Knight's Voice] Video Play Video

What's Up With The Dark Knight's Voice

Ok, by now I’m assuming everyone in the world has seen The Dark Knight and one question I have is what was up with Batman’s voice?

7 years ago 386,581
[Halloween Knight Falls] Video Play Video

Halloween Knight Falls

This dude almost breaks his neck at his own haunted house! How ironic would it be to have to haunt your own haunted house?

6 years ago 138,269
[The Sausage Knight Rises Trailer] Video Play Video

The Sausage Knight Rises Trailer

Here is Sausage Party's version of the first theatrical trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises". However, there's only one slight difference between their trailer and the official trailer. That small difference, of course, being the fact that every chara...

4 years ago 38,748
[Fight Club For Knights] Video Play Video

Fight Club For Knights

If you ever felt like dressing up as a knight and fighting other men dressed as knights, now you can in Poland!

2 years ago 64,367
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