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[Knight] Video Play Video


Coors Light

6 years ago 422
[Knight Prank] Video Play Video

Knight Prank

Tourists freak out when a Knight on display comes to life! Half of the fun is listening to the commentators weird laugh.

6 years ago 43,807
[Knight Fail] Video Play Video

Knight Fail


4 years ago 1,164
[What's Up With The Dark Knight's Voice] Video Play Video

What's Up With The Dark Knight's Voice

Ok, by now I’m assuming everyone in the world has seen The Dark Knight and one question I have is what was up with Batman’s voice?

7 years ago 386,418
[Is Michelle Jenneke The Sexiest Hurdler Ever?] Video Play Video

Is Michelle Jenneke The Sexiest Hurdler Ever?

It's not possible to watch this video and not be a fan of Michelle Jenneke. Your daughter could be racing against her in the Olympics and you'd still deep down be rooting for Michelle to win. ...

3 years ago 843,860
[Halloween Knight Falls] Video Play Video

Halloween Knight Falls

This dude almost breaks his neck at his own haunted house! How ironic would it be to have to haunt your own haunted house?

6 years ago 138,260
[Michelle Rodriguez's Machete Fail] Video Play Video

Michelle Rodriguez's Machete Fail

Way to jump the gun, Michelle. Isn't she supposed to wait for Robert Rodriguez to yell "Cut!"?

Shot by FreddieW

5 years ago 218,634
[Fight Club For Knights] Video Play Video

Fight Club For Knights

If you ever felt like dressing up as a knight and fighting other men dressed as knights, now you can in Poland!

2 years ago 64,346
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