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[Hugh Jackman Nutshot] Video Play Video

Hugh Jackman Nutshot

Hugh Jackman is having a rough month. Starts off by busting up his eye on Oprah and now he takes a fastball to the nuts playing cricket.

4 years ago 95,860
[Hugh Hefner Dumped] Video Play Video

Hugh Hefner Dumped

24 year old Crystal Harris has called off her engagement to Hugh Hefner, who the last time I checked was 112 years old. It could have been the age difference, but Crystal Harris, known at the Playboy mansion as ‘The Blonde with the Big Boobs number ...

3 years ago 1,230
[Chappie Trailer Official - Hugh Jackman] Video Play Video

Chappie Trailer Official - Hugh Jackman

The first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself will change the way the world looks at robots and humans forever.

3 months ago 46
[Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart Teaming For Wolverine 3] Video Play Video

Hugh Jackman & Patrick Stewart Teaming For Wolverine 3

Could we see Wolverine and Professor Xavier teaming up once again come 2017? Stars Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are cluing us in on what could be in store for the 3rd Wolverine film.

18 days ago 27
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