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[Axe Mannequin - Springer] Video Play Video

Axe Mannequin - Springer

Axe Deodorant Body Spray. The smell the ladies love.

4 years ago 3,415
[Axe Mannequin - Boyfriend] Video Play Video

Axe Mannequin - Boyfriend

Axe Deodorant Body Spray. The smell the ladies love.

4 years ago 3,206
[Machine Gun Scare Prank] Video Play Video

Machine Gun Scare Prank

Starting our scare prank contest right, these roommates decide to wake up their buddy with a pretty gangster alarm clock.

6 years ago 64,023,753
[Alien Scare Screaming Girl] Video Play Video

Alien Scare Screaming Girl

In order to frighten his sister this guy puts a very creepy child's mannequin next to her bed in the dark and tapes her reaction. He was expecting her to be scared, but not that scared. She goes completely hysterical!

9 years ago 2,194,803
[Autopsy Prank] Video Play Video

Autopsy Prank

A group of Med Students convince a colleague that he is giving a video lesson on a special autopsy procedure. That would probably give me a heart attack.

9 years ago 2,887,549
[Fake News Prank At Coachella!] Video Play Video

Fake News Prank At Coachella!

Coachella is notorious for being the festival where people do a lot of things for the first time, but these festival goers had no idea they'd be on the biggest disaster first interview ever!

16 days ago 14,516
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