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[Gamer Head Tape Prank] Video Play Video

Gamer Head Tape Prank

This is a hilarious prank pretty much anyone can pull and the best part is the more they fight back the worse it gets!

8 years ago 541,184
[Moose Head in the Backseat Prank] Video Play Video

Moose Head in the Backseat Prank

You can tell he really wanted to go the extra mile with this prank because the moose is so fresh.

6 years ago 140,360
[Sometimes Your Head Isn’t As Stuck As It Seems] Video Play Video

Sometimes Your Head Isn’t As Stuck As It Seems

It really seemed like dad was going to full on cartoon that kid by just grabbing him and yanking him out for a second there, which probably would have been way funnier.

4 months ago 26,520
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