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[Gamer Head Tape Prank] Video Play Video

Gamer Head Tape Prank

This is a hilarious prank pretty much anyone can pull and the best part is the more they fight back the worse it gets!

6 years ago 532,079
[Machine Gun Scare Prank] Video Play Video

Machine Gun Scare Prank

Starting our scare prank contest right, these roommates decide to wake up their buddy with a pretty gangster alarm clock.

4 years ago 63,912,734
[Moose Head in the Backseat Prank] Video Play Video

Moose Head in the Backseat Prank

You can tell he really wanted to go the extra mile with this prank because the moose is so fresh.

4 years ago 139,037
[Cute Girl Shaves Head after Losing Bet] Video Play Video

Cute Girl Shaves Head after Losing Bet

A buzzcut wouldn't exactly be the first kind of shave that I'd bet my girlfriend, but to each his own. ...

4 years ago 2,026,342
[Friends Fake Head on Collision] Video Play Video

Friends Fake Head on Collision

Some dude has too much and ends up crashing in the back of his friends car. When they find him sleeping they wake him up by screaming they are about to crash head on with another car.

7 years ago 771,813
[Cute Actress Gets Head Slammed] Video Play Video

Cute Actress Gets Head Slammed

Cute actresses are pretty used to giving out headshots for free, but she pays the price when an irate reporter takes her face to the table. That's one slamming review!

5 years ago 916,438
[Lamp Prank Goes Wrong] Video Play Video

Lamp Prank Goes Wrong

Light bulbs appear over your head when you have an idea, but they do something very different when you have no idea.

5 years ago 498,900
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