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[Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed] Video Play Video

Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed

These guys take a large semi flat bed and run it full speed and head on at a tanker truck.

7 years ago 552,291
[Fall Off Bed] Video Play Video

Fall Off Bed

My kid sister's clumsy friend falls off her bed while dancing to spice girls, hits her head and makes one heck of a crash.

8 years ago 3,836
[Get Out Of My Bed] Video Play Video

Get Out Of My Bed

Ive actually been in this same situation before, its late and all you want to do is sleep in your own bed alone but someone wont take a hint. At least this dog has found a solution, Ill try this next time.

7 years ago 648,269
[Bed Intruder Remix] Video Play Video

Bed Intruder Remix

This is the best Autotune the News remix since Autotune the News #2. I give his crazy threat a 10. It has a nice beat, and I can dance to it.

4 years ago 487,619
[Bed Intruder - Original Video] Video Play Video

Bed Intruder - Original Video

After a guy tried to assault his sleeping sister, Antoine Dodson has a message for him. This was also the monologue he used in his audition for season 7 of The Shield.

4 years ago 482,608
[Alien Scare Screaming Girl] Video Play Video

Alien Scare Screaming Girl

In order to frighten his sister this guy puts a very creepy child's mannequin next to her bed in the dark and tapes her reaction. He was expecting her to be scared, but not that scared. She goes completely hysterical!

8 years ago 2,188,415
[Bed Intruder Cop Show] Video Play Video

Bed Intruder Cop Show

The network that takes everything you love about the Internet and magically transforms it into television has a whole new lineup of Web-inspired shows you'll never forget! ...

3 years ago 150,228
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