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[Mannequin Challenge] Video Play Video

Mannequin Challenge

An entire class of students do the mannequin challenge by pretending they are all frozen

21 days ago 179
[Fall Off Bed] Video Play Video

Fall Off Bed

My kid sister's clumsy friend falls off her bed while dancing to spice girls, hits her head and makes one heck of a crash.

10 years ago 4,120
[I'm In Your Bed, Jay] Video Play Video

I'm In Your Bed, Jay

A guy creates a disturbing video for his roommate who is on vacation. Psychological warfare: the next generation of roommate pranks.

6 years ago 130,776
[Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed] Video Play Video

Tanker Truck Vs Flat Bed

These guys take a large semi flat bed and run it full speed and head on at a tanker truck.

9 years ago 556,873
[Awkward Moments In Bed] Video Play Video

Awkward Moments In Bed

Bringing a girl home for the first time can be awkward, especially if you have a bunch of horny roommates.

8 years ago 827,389
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