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[Lucky Man Almost Destroyed by Crane] Video Play Video

Lucky Man Almost Destroyed by Crane

For those of you who hate your jobs, please remember this: any day that you aren't crushed by a crane is a very good day.

5 years ago 308,514
[Lucky Oil Man Nearly Falls To Death] Video Play Video

Lucky Oil Man Nearly Falls To Death

A Derrick hand (oil worker) nearly falls to his death while latching a stand of pipe. He apparently put on his safety belt with out making sure it was secured to something.

5 years ago 367,555
[Car Crashes Into Diner Guy Walks Away] Video Play Video

Car Crashes Into Diner Guy Walks Away

An extremely lucky man survives a car crashing into a diner at 55 miles per hour. He walks away without a scratch.

6 years ago 423,148
[Lucky Racing Bystander] Video Play Video

Lucky Racing Bystander

Spectator almost flattened on race track. Is that guy the flag man or just a bystander? How do people justify jobs like that as being normal? Cant he get into a tower and perform the same function?

8 years ago 126,845
[Lucky To Be Alive: Unbelievable Footage Of Train Running Over Two Women] Video Play Video

Lucky To Be Alive: Unbelievable Footage Of Train Running Over Two Women

These two ladies were illegally walking on a railroad bridge in Indiana. When a train came down the tracks, they weren't fast enough to outrun the locomotive. Thankfully, they were able to survive by laying down on the tracks. The two women amazingly...

1 month ago 82,266
[Incredibly Lucky Guy!] Video Play Video

Incredibly Lucky Guy!

The guy in this video is one very lucky guy. A bus careens into a parked van mere inches away from this blessed man. He certainly has someone upstairs looking out for him. And by that I mean his upstairs neighbor Mrs. Vorstaich. She's a Russian g...

4 years ago 132,580
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