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[Crazy Man Vs. Train] Video Play Video

Crazy Man Vs. Train

"None shall pass! Well, you can... this time."

2 years ago 126,970
[Train Inspector Nearly Hit Twice] Video Play Video

Train Inspector Nearly Hit Twice

Somehow this lucky train inspector avoids getting crushed by two different trains within seconds of each other.

4 years ago 311,616
[OMG TRAINS!] Video Play Video


We here at Break wish that we loved anything as much as the man in this video loves these trains. Sadly, we don't.

1 year ago 81,784
[Man Goes Through Bridesmaid's Train On His Back] Video Play Video

Man Goes Through Bridesmaid's Train On His Back

Ladies, you better snap this guy up-- he's a keeper. He's the only one who was smart enough to go through the lady train on his back to get a closer look at the cabooses.

3 years ago 311,700
[Little Evil Knievel In Training Goes Bad] Video Play Video

Little Evil Knievel In Training Goes Bad

Little kid jumping over trashcans on his bike goes bad. Man the other kids couldn't be less sympathetic. Have you heard about our ...

5 years ago 859,444
[Train Station Pass In Slow-Mo] Video Play Video

Train Station Pass In Slow-Mo

When you pass a train station at high speed and show that pass in slow-mo, it looks like everyone is just standing there. They managed to perfectly capture the feeling of that moment when you arrive at the train station just as it's pulling away.

3 years ago 188,190
[Train Vs. Idiot] Video Play Video

Train Vs. Idiot

Two camera angles illustrating why you should ALWAYS look both ways. This man now has eight lives left.

7 months ago 94,001
[Stupid 911 Call as Train Hits Ferrari] Video Play Video

Stupid 911 Call as Train Hits Ferrari

Application for Stupidest Man of 2009: guy drives his new Ferrari, intoxicated, onto a set of train tracks and calls a 911 operator as he is completely lost. A train comes along while he's on the phone and...let's hope he has good insurance.

5 years ago 462,549
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[Lucky biker] Video Play Video

Lucky biker

Part of our trip from London in England ...