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[Lucky Driver In Green Van] Video Play Video

Lucky Driver In Green Van

After these two buses collide at an intersection watch how lucky this driver is in the green car. He probably had his eyes closed and screaming the entire time and somehow comes out the other side without a scratch.

5 years ago 155,250
[Incredibly Lucky Guy!] Video Play Video

Incredibly Lucky Guy!

The guy in this video is one very lucky guy. A bus careens into a parked van mere inches away from this blessed man. He certainly has someone upstairs looking out for him. And by that I mean his upstairs neighbor Mrs. Vorstaich. She's a Russian g...

7 years ago 133,277
[Lucky Cyclist Survives Being Dragged by Bus] Video Play Video

Lucky Cyclist Survives Being Dragged by Bus

It is impossible to prepare for a crazy situation like this. You just have to hope you are as lucky as this guy, still alive after he was dragged across the concrete in a bus' wheel well.

7 years ago 243,399
[Lucky Man Almost Destroyed by Crane] Video Play Video

Lucky Man Almost Destroyed by Crane

For those of you who hate your jobs, please remember this: any day that you aren't crushed by a crane is a very good day.

8 years ago 309,603
[Lucky Oil Man Nearly Falls To Death] Video Play Video

Lucky Oil Man Nearly Falls To Death

A Derrick hand (oil worker) nearly falls to his death while latching a stand of pipe. He apparently put on his safety belt with out making sure it was secured to something.

8 years ago 368,805
[Bus Slams Into Construction Crane] Video Play Video

Bus Slams Into Construction Crane

Was the bus too tall or the crane too low? Either way this Croation construction worker is very lucky to be alive.

9 years ago 857,257
[Man Walks Through Glass Bus Door] Video Play Video

Man Walks Through Glass Bus Door

Wow. Can you imagine what it must be like to be born with superhuman strength and an indestructible bus pass?

6 years ago 113,998
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[LUCKY MAN] Video Play Video


a man is very lucky and funny