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[Lucky Cyclist Survives Being Dragged by Bus] Video Play Video

Lucky Cyclist Survives Being Dragged by Bus

It is impossible to prepare for a crazy situation like this. You just have to hope you are as lucky as this guy, still alive after he was dragged across the concrete in a bus' wheel well.

5 years ago 240,804
[Lucky Guy Avoids Tuy Avoids Two Trucks Barreling His Waywo Truck] Video Play Video

Lucky Guy Avoids Tuy Avoids Two Trucks Barreling His Waywo Truck

We posted this on Friday, but brought it back to the homepage today for anyone that might have missed it. This guy has to have some angels somewhere because he survives what was sure to be a very painful death. And, he does it with minimal effort.

2 years ago 42,873
[Incredibly Lucky Guy!] Video Play Video

Incredibly Lucky Guy!

The guy in this video is one very lucky guy. A bus careens into a parked van mere inches away from this blessed man. He certainly has someone upstairs looking out for him. And by that I mean his upstairs neighbor Mrs. Vorstaich. She's a Russian g...

4 years ago 132,511
[Lucky Little Kid Avoids Collision] Video Play Video

Lucky Little Kid Avoids Collision

This little kid runs across a gym floor during a gymnastic routine and somehow manages to miss getting nailed by a gymnast.

5 years ago 206,183
[Motorcycle Barely Avoids Scary Accident] Video Play Video

Motorcycle Barely Avoids Scary Accident

A dash cam captures some van on a German highway losing control and crashing into another car, while a motorcycle rider manages to escape. Luckily, no one was seriously harmed.

5 years ago 1,016,803
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