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[Power Loader power amplification exoskeleton robot] Video Play Video

Power Loader power amplification exoskeleton robot

The Power Loader power amplification robot, under development by Panasonic subsidiary Activelink, is a full body exoskeleton which when completed will be able to carry over 100kg.

7 months ago 2,502
[Very Skilled Driver] Video Play Video

Very Skilled Driver

This guy makes Starsky and Hutch and all Nascar drivers look stupid. Serious skills.

6 years ago 421,268
[Big Time Rally Skills] Video Play Video

Big Time Rally Skills

So I am constantly tossing up clips with guys wiping out at Rally Car races. I guess a couple of these guys can actually drive. Check out this dude manuever through parts of this course. Pretty friggin impressive drifting in the end.

7 years ago 663,074
[Incredible Beer Pong Skills] Video Play Video

Incredible Beer Pong Skills

Arrange your bar stools just so, and you could be a beer pong expert too. Actually, no, you just need a lot of practice. And a lot of beer.

5 years ago 326,122
[Alien Power Loader Costume For Dads AND Babies] Video Play Video

Alien Power Loader Costume For Dads AND Babies

This dad won costume and parent of the year by construction the Alien Power Loader into a wearable costume that allows for his baby to also be a part of it. Congrats on making our dads look bad, dude.

1 year ago 66,830
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[Muzzle loader] Video Play Video

Muzzle loader

Excerpts of previous DVD... Two muzzle l...