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[Loader endo] Video Play Video

Loader endo

A couple guys fooling around with a tractor, one dares the other to do an indo and incredibly he pulls it off.

7 years ago 429,113
[Loader endo] Video Play Video

Loader endo

Not much to explain... it's an endo in a loader!

7 years ago 13,407
[Biker Cracks Knee on Failed Endo] Video Play Video

Biker Cracks Knee on Failed Endo

Remember to enjoy the simple failures in life. Only a truly spastic biker could end up twisting his knee on a simple trick like this.

6 years ago 441,032
[Alien Power Loader Costume For Dads AND Babies] Video Play Video

Alien Power Loader Costume For Dads AND Babies

This dad won costume and parent of the year by construction the Alien Power Loader into a wearable costume that allows for his baby to also be a part of it. Congrats on making our dads look bad, dude.

2 years ago 68,960
[Power Loader power amplification exoskeleton robot] Video Play Video

Power Loader power amplification exoskeleton robot

The Power Loader power amplification robot, under development by Panasonic subsidiary Activelink, is a full body exoskeleton which when completed will be able to carry over 100kg.

1 year ago 2,590
[Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse] Video Play Video

Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse

This fork lift operator backs up a bit too fast and bumps into the edge of large pallet rack and hits it just hard enough to start a domino effect bringing down the entire warehouse.

5 years ago 1,358,927
[World's Most Expensive Lawnmower] Video Play Video

World's Most Expensive Lawnmower

But wait, there's more! For just four easy installments of $9,999, we'll throw in an edge trimming attachment.

5 years ago 292,578
[Kid Faceplants Hard After Jump] Video Play Video

Kid Faceplants Hard After Jump

Some kid lands his jump on a skid loader and ends up flying off his handle bars for a perfect faceplant.

7 years ago 205,071
[Mr. Burns Endorses Romney] Video Play Video

Mr. Burns Endorses Romney

Montgomery Burns might love Romney, but that doesn't mean his dog Shamus does...

2 years ago 28,321
[Ted Endorses AXE Armor Shampoo] Video Play Video

Ted Endorses AXE Armor Shampoo

Check out AXE Hair's latest commercial for Armor shampoo - it's endorsed by women and by awesome talking teddy bears like Ted. And go see Ted in theaters June 29!

3 years ago 39,328
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