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[Convince Her to Make a Sex Tape] Video Play Video

Convince Her to Make a Sex Tape

Don't make a sex tape because all the celebrities are doing it. Make a sex tape for the challenge of getting your girl on film.

5 years ago 434,985
[3 Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape] Video Play Video

3 Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape

These three grandmothers decide to take a peek at Kim Kardashian's sex tape and discuss the things they are seeing. It's adorable, disturbing, and dare we say hot?

2 years ago 235,807
[Ali Lohan 2.0] Video Play Video

Ali Lohan 2.0

Can't we just send them all away?? Rumors are surfacing that the youngest Lohan train wreck, Ali, has undergone extensive plastic surgery in the recent months. Even though she's not quite 18 years old, it's an understandable assumption, considering s...

2 years ago 1,895
[Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet] Video Play Video

Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet

I would love to have been there when taping a dry ice bomb to a helmet became a really good idea.

6 years ago 2,625,353
[Face Taping Passed Out Dude] Video Play Video

Face Taping Passed Out Dude

Taping a guys eyes and mouth open while hes passed out is a simple prank but its also pretty damn funny.

6 years ago 1,129,221
[Lightning Strike Caught on Tape] Video Play Video

Lightning Strike Caught on Tape

Im not sure what the odds of this are but they got to be pretty friggin slim. A guy starts to tape a storm and while focused on a tree in his backyard it gets struck by lightning.

7 years ago 991,918
[Paparazzi Slammed By Gate Arm] Video Play Video

Paparazzi Slammed By Gate Arm

It looks like one of Lindsay Lohan's prayers was answered. The one for the successful movie comeback is still pending.

3 years ago 114,075
[Kardashian Wedding] Video Play Video

Kardashian Wedding

Bad news for all you guys who are looking for a down-to-earth, talented, intelligent girl who never asks to be the center of attention: Kim Kardashian is off the market. She got hitched to NBA Forward Kris Humphries over the weekend in a wedding that...

2 years ago 6,032
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