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[The Office Audition Tapes] Video Play Video

The Office Audition Tapes

The Office' audition tapes of actors that didn't get the job. Adam Scott, Seth Rogen, Eric Stonestreet, John Cho, Bob Odenkirk and others that didn't get the job.

3 years ago 16,173
[Mother of Invention Audition Tape] Video Play Video

Mother of Invention Audition Tape

Necessity is the mother of invention? Wrong. Vincent Dooley is the Mother of Invention. Invent your destiny.

8 years ago 196,252
[Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet] Video Play Video

Dry Ice Bomb Taped to Helmet

I would love to have been there when taping a dry ice bomb to a helmet became a really good idea.

9 years ago 2,627,909
[Minecraft Enderman Leak] Video Play Video

Minecraft Enderman Leak

So Minecraft has taken a turn for the terrifying with its new Enderman mob. Look away and he gets closer. Try to run and he'll eventually kill you. I assume this is the long lost cousin of the Ski Free Yeti monster.

5 years ago 14,749
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