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[Dance Contest Girl Falls Off Stage] Video Play Video

Dance Contest Girl Falls Off Stage

During the dance off portion of the Baltimore Dancehall Queen Competition this girl gets a little too dizzy and disoriented from all that head banging and ends up falling right off the back of the stage. Better than Ms Teen South Carolina...

6 years ago 1,215,452
[Nicole Gives a Lap Dance To Her Teddy Bear] Video Play Video

Nicole Gives a Lap Dance To Her Teddy Bear

Nicole gives a very lucky bear a very naughty lap dance while wearing next to nothing (except her official 'seeking gay guy to swap blow job tips with' shirt) in this latest edition to the Foundry Cams video section. Thanks to LEFT DISGUSTED for lett...

7 years ago 1,580,109
[Dancing Girls Fall Off Dumpster] Video Play Video

Dancing Girls Fall Off Dumpster

The first time I watched this I thought the girls just loss their balance but if you watch closely the dude in the white shirt pushes the dumpster and causes them to fall.

2 years ago 390,794
[Girl Does Head Spin On A Can] Video Play Video

Girl Does Head Spin On A Can

Big sister spins on top of a can while her hype girl dances away in the background.

10 months ago 772
[Girl Shuffling Dance Fail] Video Play Video

Girl Shuffling Dance Fail

She was hoping to drop a little weight by dancing and it looks like she did.

1 year ago 361,409
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