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[Kate Plus Eight] Video Play Video

Kate Plus Eight

The TLC network has announced that Kate Gosselin’s show “Kate +8” has been canceled after 150 episodes. In its place, they are picking up an equally exploitative series called “Casey -1”. I guess this new show has way less child labor violations. T...

2 years ago 1,429
[Kate Upton Shows You How To Dougie] Video Play Video

Kate Upton Shows You How To Dougie

Since Kate Upton made the cover of the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition I thought we'd post this clip of her at the Clippers game last year showing you how to Dougie. And don't forget this one. How can you not lov...

2 years ago 304,304
[Will and Kate Honeymoon] Video Play Video

Will and Kate Honeymoon

Hey, I know it’s a stretch, but remember when Prince William married Kate Middleton? Oh yeah of course you do because it’s all the press can talk about lately! Well, now that the two are married they have embarked on an incredible honeymoon fit for a...

2 years ago 4,515
[Slip, Slide, Smack] Video Play Video

Slip, Slide, Smack

That’s what you get for standing there.

2 months ago 117,970
[Human Slingshot Slip and Slide] Video Play Video

Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

ATV + Bungee Cord + Slip-N-Slide + Girls + Beer. Ending summer - you're doing it right.

1 year ago 184,888
[NAKED KATE UPTON] Video Play Video


In important news today, Sports Illustrated's highly anticipated swimsuit issue featuring a naked Kate Upton has leaked. [Looks at cover.] This cover is telling us that Sports Illustrated readers have nothing to do for the next 3 months but si...

2 years ago 336,296
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