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[Katee Sackhoff Imitates Sci-Fi Memes - Speakeasy] Video Play Video

Katee Sackhoff Imitates Sci-Fi Memes - Speakeasy

Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) does her best to imitate including Annoyed Picard, Zoidberg, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and the aliens guy from the History Channel.

2 years ago 614
[Kate Perry Wipes Out On Stage] Video Play Video

Kate Perry Wipes Out On Stage

Kate Perry attempts to jump into a cake then learns quickly its very fake and very hard. Embarrassed she starts to walk off the stage but continues to slip and fall from the icing.

8 years ago 325,838
[Geek and Gamer Girls Anthem] Video Play Video

Geek and Gamer Girls Anthem

These geek and gamer girls love getting dressed up for cosplay and dominating... Final Fantasy VII. The video also includes a dancing Seth Green and Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff for extra geek cred.

6 years ago 2,208,606
[Kate Plus Eight] Video Play Video

Kate Plus Eight

The TLC network has announced that Kate Gosselin’s show “Kate +8” has been canceled after 150 episodes. In its place, they are picking up an equally exploitative series called “Casey -1”. I guess this new show has way less child labor violations. T...

5 years ago 2,806
[Japanese Human Slip-n-Slide] Video Play Video

Japanese Human Slip-n-Slide

The Japanese come up with the most hilarious game shows. This time they drench 20 hot girls wearing bikinis with oil and have some old dude play slip n slide on them. Watch as he slips on top and off their slippery bodies. Isn’t it every man’s dream ...

8 years ago 2,158,212
[Slip And Slide Take Off] Video Play Video

Slip And Slide Take Off

Man this guy gets some serious air off a slip and slide. This looks like so much fun! No wonder he's wearing a helmet.

10 years ago 658,379
[NBA Reporter Freudian Slip] Video Play Video

NBA Reporter Freudian Slip

During the Clippers game FSN reporter Christine Nubla makes a pretty embarrassing and obvious Freudian slip. Wonder what was on her mind?

9 years ago 1,342,215
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