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[Baseball Cheap Shot] Video Play Video

Baseball Cheap Shot

Keep your eye on second base 21 seconds into the clip for the worst cheap shot we have seen in sports this year.

2 years ago 134,944
[Amazing Baseball Trick Shots] Video Play Video

Amazing Baseball Trick Shots

Connor Powers plays for the San Diego Padres organization. He also is pretty good at hitting trick shots. Now, all we need is trick Nascar shots and all the sports are covered!

3 years ago 81,028
[Home Run Shot Hits Biker] Video Play Video

Home Run Shot Hits Biker

A biker is riding past a baseball field when a home run clears the fence and hits the dude on top of his head.

8 years ago 889,553
[Cheap Shot On Umpire] Video Play Video

Cheap Shot On Umpire

A pitcher and catcher get frustrated with the home plate umpires inconsistent strike zone and throw a cheap shot at his head.

5 years ago 325,242
[Line Drive Head Shot] Video Play Video

Line Drive Head Shot

Little leaguer hits a line drive right off the head of the coach.

3 years ago 97,914
[Bully Gets Cracked with Baseball Bat] Video Play Video

Bully Gets Cracked with Baseball Bat

A bully picking on a little kid ends up becoming batting practice for some crazy guy wearing a cape.

5 years ago 3,528,957
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