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[Home Run Shot Hits Biker] Video Play Video

Home Run Shot Hits Biker

A biker is riding past a baseball field when a home run clears the fence and hits the dude on top of his head.

7 years ago 873,869
[Amazing Baseball Trick Shots] Video Play Video

Amazing Baseball Trick Shots

Connor Powers plays for the San Diego Padres organization. He also is pretty good at hitting trick shots. Now, all we need is trick Nascar shots and all the sports are covered!

2 years ago 74,208
[Baseball Cheap Shot] Video Play Video

Baseball Cheap Shot

Keep your eye on second base 21 seconds into the clip for the worst cheap shot we have seen in sports this year.

2 years ago 132,761
[Crazy Basketball Shots on the Farm] Video Play Video

Crazy Basketball Shots on the Farm

Nice trick shooting, Tex. The shotgun was a nice touch, too. Since this video was published, the Dude Perfect guys became a little bit of an internet sensation, starting off a long-running trend of trick shot videos. The phenomenon even bled into oth...

4 years ago 365,909
[Guy Creates A Jawbreaker Shot Glass] Video Play Video

Guy Creates A Jawbreaker Shot Glass

This is a long video, but it'll mesmerize you into watching the whole thing. We did, then became obsessed with the idea of making our own.

1 year ago 102,870
[World's Unluckiest Couple] Video Play Video

World's Unluckiest Couple

If you watch close enough the ball actually strikes three people. It first bounces off the girls butt, then ricochets for the nut shot, and finally bounces into the girlfriends face.

1 year ago 6,327
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